Late Entry Application


Late Entry applicants will have studied at NBCC previously and successfully completed, or be in the process of successfully completing, at least the first term of a different program where the courses are common.
In cases where courses were not successfully completed, a PARTL form for Part-time admission must be submitted in order to apply to re-take those courses. Enrollment in any future course that has a prerequisite which was failed, will not be permitted until the failed course is successfully completed.

Individuals who wish to apply for Late Entry to an NBCC program with credits from an institution other than NBCC must contact NBCC’s Office of the Registrar, by emailing: Please remember to include the name of the campus you are interested in attending, along with the name of the program, and your contact information, including your phone number. Someone will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours, with the exception of weekends and holidays.

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Reminder: Contact / Notify your sponsoring agency. (e.g.: Student Financial Services, TSD, WHSCC)


You are applying to enter full-time into a term other than the first term of a different program

Once approval is given for one program, the other request is nullified.